eliminating untracked behaviour on the Web
BeaverBird is a user tracking library with the aim of making you feel unsafe on the Web.
It currently supports two tracking techniques, and aims at soon providing every technique possible in a client-side library.

Being freely licensed and easy to use, BeaverBird can be integrated into websites with ease, while it still fits into more complex or custom tracking scenarios.

BeaverBird can bring simple and effective tracking to every site.

Canvas Fingerprinting is a highly effective technique for uniquely identifying users via their combination of graphics hardware and software.

Font Detection can check for the existence of specific fonts on the computer and works well for tracking users because most users have a variety of fonts installed on their computers.

Unique User IDs combine different types of tracking data into one string, making storage and comparison easy while still having the reliability of multiple sources of data.

Browser Plugins give away much information about the browser and the user.

WebGL information is excellent for tracking users, because the variety of different graphics hardware is large.

BeaverBird managed to extract the following information from your browser:


Gather a unique id, save it on your server, attach data about the user's behaviour to it.

var id = BeaverBird.uid()

$.post("/users/user", id)

Track the behaviour of the "user". No cookies. No easy way of evading.

$.get("/users/" + BeaverBird.uid() + "/interests", function(interests) {
  Use your awesome new tracking skills
  to enhance the user's experience through
  following their interests and displaying
  relevant information they might be
  interested in.

Download the latest release from GitHub and include the file

  <script src="beaverbird.min.js"></script>

Or use npm

$ npm install --save beaverbird

Then include the file directly or use Browserify

  <script src="node_modules/beaverbird.min.js"></script>